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Ci et Ca Avec Belle

ON IT’S WAY.....
This has been a wonderful spring time for us all. Beautiful green trees, yards and flowers that made it through the only cold snap of the year for us! Add to that a perfect Easter season and glorious Easter day and we all feel blessed. We pray that your Easter was as much a happy time as it was for us. Beautiful weather for the children to boil and dye eggs and the long wait for Easter morning for the egg hunt. So much excitement, such happy faces and fun voices as they searched to find the colorful eggs in the big back yard.
For the parents and grandparents, and especially for me, the great grandmother, it was a thrill for us adults. We were so blessed that all of Bo and Deb’s families could be there and they are amazing that they all get along so well and have fun together. No crying and no fussing with any of them. Just FUN. Of course the same can be said of Laura and Ed’s children and grandchildren. They are also very close and just get along and have so much fun together. No problems with them since they all enjoy being with one another. I feel we are blessed to have these families that are so filled with love for one another. God is good and thank you dear God for these loved families.
..................Now, we are into the exciting month of May with many activities going on at the schools and the end of the high school years for the seniors who will be entering a new phase of their lives. Such a happy time for everyone, even though the parents have pangs of sorrow as they watch their loved ones move on with their lives. That is overcome quickly with their great sense of pride for the accomplishments of their son/daughter! We send our love and congratulations to each of these dear graduates, and to the junior class members that will moving up as the seniors of the next year. God be with you all and bless you in your future!

....................We were very proud of our great grandchildren for their successful ventures into many activities. Baylor Beggs danced in the Peter Pan ballet program in Shreveport recently. She works very hard and enjoys dancing even with all the practices and rehearsals. Baylor is the daughter of Lindsey and Wayne Beggs and the granddaughter of Laura and Ed Milligan. We can’t attend the show, however, they take videos and I get to watch her perform. One of only a very few young dancers selected to be in the ballet show.
....................Our dear Addison, the gymnastic in the family has done really well in the recent competitions. However, she had an accident in a ball park and had to have staples in her head and could not practice or compete for several days. Of course she was disappointed, but her head had to heal. The good news is that it has healed and she can return to her practice and competition. Addison is the daughter of Kerri and Michael Gonzales and Debbie and Bo King are her proud grandparents. We can’t attend the meets, but we appreciate the videos sent of her at the meets and with her awards and I am very proud of her.
....................We cannot leave out our two great little athletes that are doing so well in their baseball games! They both are in tough leagues and are playing with boys a year older and doing great. Caleb King and Aidan Gonzales are really getting a collection of winning rings for their tourney play. So very proud of them and enjoy seeing the videos that they send to me with them during their games. Caleb is the son of Craig and Steffani King and the grandson of Debbie and Bo King. Aidan is the son of Kerri and Michael Gonzalez and grandson of Debbie and Bo King. I am very proud of them and their love for the game and the hard work they do to improve their skills. Caleb’s team, the Momentum Black Hawks, has already qualified to be in the National World Series Tournament in Destin, Florida this summer. Aidan just turned 7 and he and his team, the Warriors, have been for ages 7 and he was selected to play with them last year even though he was a year younger. His games are played in an amazing ball complex where every field is a replica of a major National League baseball stadium! The field is Big League Dreams in League City, TX and is as special for the spectators/fans as it is for the players.
.....................I am aware that I wrote much about some of my great grandchildren, but just want you to know that they are an important part my life at this time. I love them all very much and I want to be a part of their lives while I can so they can remember me playing games with them, watching them and having fun times with them. I certainly don’t want them to know me when I don’t know them. So, please understand why....and that this is very important to me! Love them all very much and love my memories of our times together..

.....................The view from our kitchen window continues to entertain us with the antics of the birds that we feed. The sight of a big blue jay with his wings spread and lying on top of the bird feeder to prevent others from getting it was a new one for us. However, it is necessary to keep the pigeons and doves from eating all the food. Those birds are the first to eat in the morning and the last to leave in late evening. I don’t know who they belong to, however, they are eating most of the bird food that I put out for the wild yard birds. Wish whoever owns them would feed them or least send me money to pay for that wild bird feed since it gets very expensive...and then for them to eat all the food every day and prevent my wild yard birds from getting much of the food. One happy sight that I see every day is a beautiful red cardinal and the female bird. It is said that a cardinal is a gift from heaven and is an angel for us. I love watching them. He will stay around her while she eats and watches so no other bird will bother her, then when it is time to go, he will have feed in his beak and go to her and put it in her beak... like a kiss. It is a sweet sight. Yes, these birds are a great pasttime for me and I look forward to even more to come.

....................I had a wonderful surprise visit from an old friend that I have not seen for many years. Hulin Richard stopped by and we has lots of fun remembering people and times at Rayne High during our senior year especially. He remembered the hour long lunch time with everyone going to Domingue’s across the street for the best food and treats. He also remembered the fun they had sitting on the side of the road and talking and other things with their classmates. Living across the street, we had food waiting for us, but also went to Mrs. Domingue’s for some of her delicious fudge and sweet dough pies. My classmates usually came and we put records on and practiced the newest dances of the time. I hope that he will come back for another visit so we can continue our trip down memory lane.

....................We were happy to have some of our classmates from Indiana State University come to Rayne for a short but wonderful visit. We were all together in Terre Haute, IN for a year and a half in a program for only 20 people from all over the United States. We all became family to one another and that friendship has continued through the years. They loved the sights here in our beautiful city, and really loved the Cajun food here also. Just wish it could have been a longer visit, but so happy that we got to have this one. God bless them for their thoughtfulness and friendship!

....................I wanted to give you an update on my days with my dementia as I promised. My long term memory seems to be good, however, my short term memory is almost gone. I don’t know what year, what month, what day it is without looking on my iPad or phone...the days and weeks seem to run together and I just don’t know where the time goes or what I do. I am trying to do things to help my memory, I write notes to myself on what I need to do, I write down names that I need to remember, since names are a real problem for me...even with my family and children. However, I love having company and in reading posts on Facebook. But, I don’t comment on many since that is difficult, so I hit Like, Love, Sad, or another of those selections. So please don’t be upset if I don’t comment on all your news. I love reading the posts, but just hard for me to respond. I am trying to force myself to make decisions on things to do every day which means I have to use my brain. I watch Jeopardy every day to stimulate my memory and brain. I hope that you and/or your loved ones will never have to face this terrible condition, but I am thankful that I have such wonderful family to help me and many friends that I know are ready to help if needed. I ask you all to please continue to pray for me and all my loved ones during this time and that the dementia will progress slowly for me. God Bless you all... and lots of love from me!

....................The month of May has so many things happening, including our wonderful Frog Festival, and I hope that you are keeping up with everything in each issue of the Rayne Acadian-Tribune so that you don’t miss anything! Enjoy this exciting month...and the beginning of summer vacations...Enjoy the month!

....................Enjoyed a wonderful phone visit with our long time friend, Corrine Baptiste from California. Except I was sorry to learn that she was in Rayne for the homecoming for the Acadia Parish Training School which was held recently. That is the second time we have missed a face to face visit with her. She said that her health was holding, however, her dear husband, James, was having some health issues. Corrine and I go back many years when she was just a very young little girl. She lived down the street from me and she was wonderful to help me with Laura when Laura was a little baby. She was so sweet and helpful to me in many ways...and she became one of the family and we have stayed close through many years and many miles apart! I am hoping that we can get together in June when she is trying to return to Rayne for a visit! Thanks for staying in touch dear Corrine and I pray that you and James will be healthy and in God’s care. Love to you both and God bless you all.


As I sat at home Tuesday grieving for our dear friends during this sad time knowing that I could not be there for the service or do anything for you my dear B.I., I wrote these words to help me to express with my sorrow for you and to let you know how much I regretted not being able to attend the services for dear Te or to do anything for you. So I tried to find the right words, unlike my dear mom, who always said the right things.
The following are my thoughts today and it is my way of coping with the sadness I feel for you and the family.
“Sitting here and thinking about the sad news and the beautiful services happening now for the passing of a long time friend, and I am heartbroken. True, I was a few years younger, however, you and Te were an inspiration to everyone that knew you and that realized your marriage was truly a match made in heaven.
“The bond between you and Te was and still is so strong and is like none other. Her passing cannot separate you! She will be with you always and you will know that she is near. She will be an angel by your side always.
“I am praying that our dear God will be with you and give you the strength and support needed in this sad, sad time...and that you always treasure the wonderful life that you shared. What a blessing you two were for one another.
I pray that you find assurance in God’s word....Strength in His presence....and Peace and comfort in His love.
God bless you and yours and love from me always”

Until next time.......Adios, au revoir,
auf weidersehen

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