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Ci et Ca Avec Belle

I don’t know where the time goes, but it is moving so quickly. Here we are in the middle of 2017 and another year will be beginning before long. However, I am not complaining since I am still here and enjoying my loved family and friends. I am truly blessed, so I will be anxiously awaiting and enjoying all of the many activities that occur in the months to come -- especially the fun football season!
.......There are some important dates to put on your calendar and enjoy. Of course, the fourth of July programs and activities are fully underway and exciting for everyone young and old. This is as it should be since we all should be participating in the celebration of our country and the freedom we enjoy because of it. There is always the great Fourth of July television program on PBS on the grounds of our nation’s capital. It is a wonderful way to remember and be a part of our wonderful “birthday day”! There are many television programs with parades in other cities in the country and these are also inspiring and heartwarming for all Americans!
.......Here in our wonderful city we are blessed with the patriotic decorations at our depot square that are provided by the hard work of many individuals. It is a show place for all of us and I hope that you will take the family and especially the children to see and enjoy it. The adults can open up discussions with the younger ones concerning the importance of this date which will ensure that it will always be the “home of the free”. Our thanks, love and appreciation to Monique and all of the talented individuals that provided their talents to ensure this wonderful exhibit. Our city has long been a show place for many visitors and the decorations at the depot add greatly to the many things to see and do in our city. I send my love and appreciation to each of you for this wonderful addition to our city. May God bless you all!
.......Another date that we hope will be the goal for all of us during the week of July 16 - 22. This will be “Make Someone Smile” week and will not cost any of us anything except some thoughtful and meaningful comments, little remembrances, a phone call or a card or whatever you can do to help someone have a big smile and some happiness because of YOU. You don’t need to do this for just one person, but think of anyone that could use a smile, a happy thought, or just to be remembered. So very simple to do, and yet can do much for someone else that needs it! Please mark the dates on your calendar, however, it doesn’t have to be limited to just this week. You can do this every day, week, month, whenever and you will be blessed because of your thoughtfulness. Try it and see how good it makes you feel to know that you have brought a smile to someone that needed it. Try it and you will like it!
.......Another date to put on your calendar is July 23rd which is designated as “Parents Day”. If you are fortunate enough to still have your loved parents plan to see/talk to them and most of all, to just remember them and thank them for all that they have done for you! If you have lost your dear parents, you can still honor them and thank them by bringing a flower to their resting place, or thinking of them and some happy memories about them while growing up...and praying that they rest in the arms of our dear God in their Heavenly Home. Remember that you would not be here without them and they deserve your appreciation, prayers and thoughts. Enjoy them in life and honor them in their final resting place.
........On July 12th the Chamber will once again hold its Market at the Pavilion, but will change locations next month. Plans are being made for the Market to be moved to The Depot Square so everone can enjoy the monthly event and have easier access to the many vendors who provide unique and creative items for sale. Please attend between the hours of 8 a.m. to noon. There are interesting and exciting changes a well as our regular old favorites and I know you will not want to miss it. So, put it on your calendar and be sure to be a part of this upcoming event. Hope to see you there!

After reading some really great applications for the annual Myrta Fair B. Craig Scholarship awarded each year by the Rayne Acadian Tribune, the person selected was from Notre Dame High School. Shelby Bordes was selected as the person to receive this prestigious honor after submitting an outstanding paper with her honors and her future educational plans. Shelby wants to major in Mass Communications and Journalism which was our Mom’s goal for young people. Mom did not have a college degree but learned through her everyday work. She realized the importantance for education for this new and changing media. For that reason, Shelby’s dream for her future is thoroughly thought out and she is ready to work to achieve it. This excellent student has also has some major goals for many years in the future. As the old saying goes, “If you dream it, you can achieve it”, so I will be looking forward to following this young lady in the years to come. I pray that God will bless her and guide her as she pursues her dream. Shelby we also pray that you and this wonderful award will be a dream for others in this very important journalist field. Our sincere appreciation to the Rayne Acadian-Tribune for sponsoring this worthwhile competition and for assisting our outstanding students to receive this award to help with their college dreams! Our thanks also to the staff of the Tribune and judges for their assistance. It is not too early for students to begin to prepare to enter the competition next year. Talk to your counselors and English teachers for help.

.......I appreciate the wonderful notes and messages from a very special lady from our church. Gayle Foreman reminds me that I am missed at the church and hope that I can be back to join in the worship. That is one of my regrets at this time that I cannot attend church and see the friends that are still able to attend. I especially miss getting my communion each first Sunday that I would not miss since my first communion so many years ago in the old church, but same church.
I think of you all Gayle and wish that I could be there, and pray that maybe one day I will be able to go for the service. Please know that I love you all and appreciate our years of friendship at Centenary United Methodist Church. My family goes back many years in the early times of the church and all of us children grew up in it and was an important part while teaching Sunday School and youth groups, so I have wonderful memories of the church and the members long ago and not with us any more. Thank you Gayle for the cards. I appreciate you and the thoughts it brings. May God bless you and all of my dear friends at the church.
.......Enjoyed a phone visit with a long time friend and church member, Barbara Curtis. She is receiving physical therapy for her shoulder which had to have surgery to repair the damage from an earlier injury. Even with her physical problems, she still remains active with the church, Centenary United Methodist Church. Barbara also informed me that our church will have a new minister on July 1st. Rev. Chris Blanchard and his dear wife, Susie, have great plans for our church which is one of the oldest in Rayne. Our membership has lost some dear and active church members and friends during the past year and he is planning active activities for present and future members. We are looking forward to meeting him and to know that he will be delivering First Communion to us, a shut-in, who has missed receiving this Holy Sacrament each month. We also pray that God will be with him as he works on His behalf with our loved church. Thanks Barbara for the visit and the news and I look forward to a personal visit with you soon. God bless you and love from me!
.......It was a sad day for me recently as I cancelled my subscription to the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate. My mom and I have been subscribers for many, many years and the day/morning was not complete until we read this great paper. I especially enjoyed the sports section which gave great coverage to our L.S.U. Tigers as well as coverage of the sports on the local school teams. I also learned many things from reading the paper and will miss it greatly. However, with my trips to stay some with Laura and Bo, it is a problem to stop the paper and then start the paper and not have it delivered without picking it up....a sign to others that we are NOT home. In addition, with my problems with the beginning dementia, I find it more difficult to read anything. I have great books waiting to be read, but I can’t concentrate enough to read. This is very upsetting to me since reading has always been one of my main “passions” through the years. I would like to ask you to please keep me in your prayers so that the progress of this terrible condition can slow down. I am doing all I can do to use our brain, including writing this AVEC, and watching Jeopardy on TV and seeing how many we can answer. I had told you all that I would keep you up on my progress with this terrible problem, and this is my latest update. My long term memory is great, however, I have problems with some short term memory. Thank God for His help. God bless you all for your kindness to me through the years and now. I love visitors, so I hope to see ya’ll sometimes.
.......Our family, brother Bob Craig, lost a good friend recently with the passing of Emile Daboval. Emile and Bob were classmates and friends growing up in Rayne and we all have wonderful memories of him in many of the things they did in their earlier years. Emile was the son of the long time and earliest of Rayne families, the Daboval family. His mom and dad were Jane Eddy Daboval and Emile “Milo” Daboval. His sister, Margo Goertz, now of Houston, TX, was one of our earliest friends. Emile was an avid fisherman and a long-time resident of Arabi, LA. He retired from the United States Postal Service after many years of dedicated service. His service was at St. Bernard Memorial Funeral Home and was laid to rest in T. Bernard Memorial Gardens. Bob and I were sorry that we were unable to attend his final rites, but it was just not possible. However, he has been in our thoughts and prayers and Bob is planning something in his memory. This was quite a loss for him since their friendship covered many years.. and in these later years, they enjoyed phone visits with one another. God Bless him and may he rest in peace.
.......Congratulations to our American Legion Post 77 who will have the installation ceremonies for their newly elected officers. The program will be held on July 11th at the Legion Home. The new officers for the Auxillary Unit 77 and the new Sons of the Legion will also be installed at that time. The program will begin at 7 p.m. at the Legion Home and guests and spouses are invited to attend. Other important awards will be given to some of the honored members. These groups are very active and have important programs for the community and for special times in the year. Their Memorial Day programs were so memorable and the annual Ceremony honoring the Gold Star Mothers and the families of the veterans that have passed away during the past year. Such a touching including memorable program for these very special families. Great job as always Legion and I pray that you all will continue the wonderful work that you have been doing for many, many years. God bless you all!
.......Another of our long-time civic organizations recently installed their new officers for the coming year. The new president is Luke Beslin, who in his acceptance speech highlighted the wonderful services that the club provides to serve the community, the Eye Foundation and the annual camp. The Lions have provided these needed services and many other projects through the many years. Our community is blessed to have the Lions who have done much through the years to help people and groups in our community. I don’t know how many years it has been organized, however, I know that my dad was one of the early officers and that was long, long ago when I was a very little girl. During the ceremony there were many awards given to deserving and hard working members to honor them for their work with the organization and with good reason. This group is a hard working one and always providing services and programs for our community and I hope they know how much they are appreciated by all. God bless them and please keep giving of yourself for others in need.
.......I hope that all of the parents and grandparents have seen the copies of the Tribune with the many wonderful faces receiving awards for everything from scholarships, grades, athletics, sports, music, organizations, and so many others. Yes, the paper has been filled with the many award ceremonies at Rayne Catholic Elementary, South Rayne Elementary, Armstrong Middle, Mire Elem, Branch Elem., Head Start, Rayne High, and other programs in the community. I enjoyed seeing the many things that were included in the awards...and it is wonderful that the paper covered them all and provided this recognition for these talented young people.
I also enjoyed seeing the dear faces of the youngsters receiving their First Communion. This marks a wonderful step in their religious growth. I sincerely hope that the families have the papers so that these achievements can be enjoyed and appreciated by friends and family here and in other places. Thanks Tribune for this coverage which I know kept ya’ll busy to get to them all. Good job, staff!
.......The exciting and fun Children’s Fishing Derby has been rescheduled for July 15th. This was necessary due to the inclement weather on the original dates. We hope that you and your loved ones will by a part of this program, which includes fishing contests, and even more and safety. It is a fun day for parents and children and please don’t miss it! For more information call Suzette Leonards at City Hall at 334-6682.
.......Our own Rayne Library has been and will continue to have some outstanding programs this summer. I was especially happy to see they were having a summer Poetry Slam. This is a great opportunity to provide youngsters with the fun of poetry and a means to express their feelings. Great job staff. There is a summer reading program for PreK, and a movie madness program for ages 5 and up. Add these great programs to the other ones going on at the library this summer and you have a great place for our young and old alike to have things of interest for them. Don’t miss any of them! For more information on these and other programs please call 783-1880 for more information.

Thoughts on closing.....
This has not been the best time of my life recently...not due to dementia or health issues, but due to Social Security who is trying to collect money from me for what they said was an overpayment. We are appealing it, but don’t know what will happen. I hope that you will keep me in your prayers so that this terrible problem can be resolved and I can relax and not have the stress and worry with it.
However, I continue to know how blest I am to have such wonderful family and friends that are always near and give me the love and support needed, especially at this time. God is good... and prayers are answered so I put my faith with Him! I thank each of you dear ones and know that I love and appreciate you...and I pray that God will bless you and keep you in His care. Lots of love from me. And then.....

“No matter how good or bad your life is....wake up each morning and be thankful that you still have one!”
Author unknown... but those are words that I live by each day....

Until next time, adios, au revoir,
auf weidersehen.....

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