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Approximately 105 Cuccio family members and their guests were on hand to enjoy the family reunion held on Saturday, Nov. 19, at the International Rice Festival Building in Crowley.

Cuccio family enjoys large, festive reunion

On Saturday, Nov. 19, the Cuccio family gathered for a grand reunion at the International Rice Festival Building in Crowley.
The gathering of approximately 105 family members and their guests began at 10 a.m. and lasted into the early evening.
The venue was decorated with a variety of photographs and a family tree, as well as the Trinacria, the flag of Sicily (Bannera da Sicilia).
The Trinacria was first adopted in 1282 after the successful revolt (the night of Sicilian Vespers) against the French King Charles I, who had ruled the Kingdom of Sicily since 1266. Three thousand French men, women and children were slain by the Sicilians, causing the oppressive government of King Charles to lose control of the island.
The flag is characterized by the presence of three bent legs representing the three points of the triangular shape of the island of Sicily. In the center of the flag is the winged head of Medusa with three ears of wheat, the classical ancient Greek mythology Gorgon representing the first colonization of Sicily by the Greeks and Phoenicians in 750 B.C. The flag is bisected diagonally, representing the regions of Palermo in red and Corleone in yellow.
Food was the centerpiece of the gathering, with a variety of authentic homemade Sicilian foods.
A Cajun jambalaya was made by Sam Cuccio, representing the portion of the family hailing from Cefalu, Sicily.
Sicilian sausage (salsisiccia di Siciliano) was made by Ricky Cuccio and served in homemade tomato gravy (succo di pomodoro) prepared by Kay Cuccio.
Michael Williams, representing the Corleone, Sicily, part of the Cuccio-Rosetta family, baked homemade bread on-site and also prepared several excellent side dishes.
Cari Camalo, representing the Piana di Greci, Sicily, part of the Cuccio-Camalo family made traditional Sicilian cookies (biscotti e tutu).
As a special treat, golden-colored 2014 Japanese plum wine made with ingredients from the garden of Kay Cuccio was served.
Out-of-town guests at the reunion traveled from Fort Worth, Texas, and various points throughout Louisiana.
Members of the reunion committee included Guy and Kay Cuccio, Joe and Loretta Cuccio, Sam and Nancy Cuccio, Peter Cuccio, Michael and JoAnn Williams and Emily Stoma.

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